NIES_logoNational Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), founded in 1974, is an independent research institute addressing crucial scientific questions in the fields of global and regional environmental problems. Researchers in both areas of natural and social sciences work together to study global change and its impacts on ecological, economic and social systems and to devise general strategies for achieving low carbon society. Through GHG emissions monitoring, data analysis, computer simulations and models, NIES provides decision makers with sound information about climate change and low carbon development. In addition to publishing results in scientific journals, the Institute advises regional, national and global organisations and authorities.

The AIM (Asia-pacific Integrated Model) is involved in CD-LINKS as one of the IAMs from NIES. The AIM is a set of computer simulation models for assessing policy options on sustainable development particularly in Asia-Pacific region. It started as a tool to evaluate policy options to mitigate climate change and its impacts, and extended its function to analyze other environmental issues such as air pollution control, water resources management, and land use management.

AIM has been involved in relevant research for more than 20 years including EU-FP7 projects AMPERE and LIMITS.