logo[IIMA]The Public Systems Group (PSG) at IIM-A is an interdisciplinary group with a focus on the generation and dissemination of knowledge concerning the public sphere, the performance and management of public systems, the formulation and implementation of public policies, their societal determinants as well as consequences.

In the field of Energy and Environment, policy research is carried out in close interaction with various ministries of the Government of India, industry associations and international organizations. Some prominent areas of research include long-term energy and emissions scenarios and modeling, global environmental negotiations, technology strategy, environmental risk assessment, implications of economic reforms on environment, environmental management strategies for cities. PSG has an ongoing collaborative research projects with Universities and research institutes in Europe (under FP7 funded projects such as TOCSIN, POEM, LIMITS and AMPERE), The Center for Environmental Science and Policy, Stanford University and the Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany. International funding agencies that support our activities include UNEP, Asia Pacific Network and UNDP.