ICCS_E3MLab_logoE3M-Lab is a research laboratory operating, since 1988, within the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens (ICCS/NTUA). E3M-Lab specializes in the field of energy systems analysis and economics, macroeconomics and environmental economics by using and developing large-scale mathematical models. The key focus of E3M-Lab is to provide model-based policy relevant applied research and assess macro-economic, distributional, energy and climate implications towards sustainable development. Towards this end, the laboratory maintains data and prepares forecasts and scenario analysis for the evolution of the energy systems and markets of thirty five (35) European countries and also has developed and maintained the multi-sectoral multi-regional global CGE model GEM-E3 that can evaluate  the evolution of the global economic, energy and climate system and analyse quantitatively the macro-economic and sectoral implications of alternative climate change policies (i.e. mitigation, adaptation or inaction).

Since 1988, the E3M-Lab develops the scenarios and forecasts that are included in a series of benchmark publications of European Commission on Energy Outlook for the EU (the most recent publication is “Energy, Transport and GHG emissions Trends to 2050”, published in 2014). E3M-Lab has provided model-based analysis for major studies for the European Commission and other organisations, as for example the Low Carbon Economy Roadmap, Energy Roadmap 2050, Power Choices (Eurelectric), White Paper on Transport, Climate and Energy Policy Package for 2020 and the more recent 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. Furthermore, E3M-Lab has participated as a key partner in a series of FP7 climate-related projects, such as AMPERE, CLIMATE COST, ADVANCE and SIMPATIC.

E3M-Lab develops and maintains several large scale numerical models, including GEM-E3 (Computable General Equilibrium macro-economic model with global coverage and wide sectorial and country resolution), PRIMES (energy market equilibrium engineering-economic model covering all European m), and PROMETHEUS (a stochastic world energy, technology and hydrocarbon resource model). E3M-Lab has long experience of research and analysis, based on applied modelling, focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and the assessment of their costs, benefits and impacts on the economy and employment, globally and for the EU.

The work of E3M-Lab within the CD-LINKS project will be based on an enhanced version of the GEM-E3 global model, with high sectorial and country resolution that explicitly covers all G-20 economies and Member States of the EU. Innovative features of the model include: the coverage of distributional impacts of climate policies both within and among countries (heterogeneous households), quantification of climate damages and associated costs by country, integration of bottom-up representation of the energy, power generation, transport and land use sectors, estimation of adaptation interventions by sector and country and endogenous technology dynamics.