Climate Policy Database: a repository of climate policies from around the globe

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© Jeancliclac |

6 June 2016

A comprehensive selection of climate policies has been put together in the Climate Policy Database by NewClimate institute in collaboration with the CD-LINKS partners Wageningen University and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Out of these policies, a Top 10 list of most potent climate policies for G20 countries will be identified and further analysed.

Currently the policy database contains more than 2900 policies in 113 countries across various different economic sectors, such as transport, industry and agriculture. You can visit the database on

The next step in the project is to identify a list of Top 10 policies for G20 countries, which will be used for calculating emissions reduction potential and creating low-carbon and sustainable development scenarios within the CD-LINKS project. The Top 10 lists will be discussed and validated with each of the represented countries to ensure inclusion of all key policies.