How can climate action be brought into the broader sustainable development agenda?

The CD-LINKS project is exploring the complex interplay between climate action and development, while simultaneously taking both global and national perspectives and thereby informing the design of complementary climate-development policies.

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CD-LINKS Final Conference

The CD-LINKS final conference was held 27 September 2019 at the Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels, jointly with the final ...
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COP24 Capacity Building Interview

At COP24, CD-LINKS was invited to contribute to the newly established Capacity-building Hub that was organized for the first time ...
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The CD-LINKS project organized three side events during the 2018 United Nations’ twenty-fourth Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP24) ...
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New CD-LINKS Research Forecasts High Emitting Countries to Suffer Economic Damages from Climate Change

Novel international study indicates actual cost of global warming will be highest for the three top emitting countries (China, India ...
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CD-LINKS Summer School on Integrated Assessment Models: A Tool for Science-Based Policy Making

In cooperation with CMCC, IIASA, and the support of EAERE, the CD-LINKS project is launching a Summer School aimed at providing advanced training ...
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Implications for climate policy – helping policy makers understand opportunities in Joint Policy Day

On 7 November 2018, CD-LINKS, GREEN-WIN and TRANSRISK are hosting a Joint Policy Day in Brussels, Belgium. Climate strategies showing ...
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Clean power is not enough: More action in other sectors needed to meet Paris targets

CO2 emissions from non-electricity energy uses, such as industry, transport, and heating, are the greatest impediment to meeting the Paris ...
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Visualization of Energy Investment web page published – based on analysis in Nature Energy journal

CD-LINKS has created a visualization web page that was developed based on an analysis published in the journal Nature Energy, ...
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